• The Premier Speed Coaching Clinic of 2014!

    Hear legendary coaches, running, and speed development experts: Vern Gambetta, Gary Winckler, Dr. Brad Deweese and Dr. Peter Weyand. Find out more.

  • Vern Gambetta

    Director of Gambetta Sports Traning Systems with over 44 years of coaching experience at all levels. More about Vern Gambetta.

  • Gary Winckler

    One of the most renowned hurdle coaches in the world, Gary has been NCAA Division I Coach of the Year three times. More about Gary Winckler.

  • Dr. Brad Deweese

    Here Brad speak on Periodization - Historical Underpinnings & New Definition and a look into Seamless Sequential Training Theory. More about Dr. Brad Deweese.

For Coaches and Athletes of All Levels and Abilities

Coaches of all sports, as well as conditioning and speed coaches are welcome.

The Speed Summit East 2014

On January 18th & 19th, The Speed Summit will feature talks by legendary coaches, running, and speed development experts: Vern Gambetta, Gary Winckler, Brad Deweese and Peter Weyand. Speed is a skill which can be taught. How to teach speed is a skill that can be taught as well. To that end we have brought together many of the top speed experts in America and the World to talk about how to make track athletes in particular, and all athletes in general, faster. These experts will lecture and then answer questions, both individually and in a panel question and answer format. Additionally for an additional charge you can choose to dine with one of the these legends and pick their brains in a small group discussion, over lunch and/or dinner. Click here to learn more.

Vern Gambetta is currently is the Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems. He is considered the father of "Functional Sports Training." Vern's coaching experience spans 44 years at all levels of competition in a variety of sports. He has authored over 100 articles and nine books on various aspects of training. He received his BA from Fresno State University and his teaching credential with a coaching minor from University of California Santa Barbara. Vern later attended Stanford University and obtained his MA in Education with an emphasis in physical education.

Nationally regarded as one of the nation's premier coaches, Gary Winckler's University of Illinois teams regularly battled for Big Ten Conference Championships, winning a total of 11 during his time there as head coach. He was named the Big Ten Coach of the Year 11 times, the 2007 USTFCCCA Midwest Region Outdoor Track & Field Coach of the Year, and was named NCAA Division I Coach of the Year three times. Winckler-coached athletes earned 266 Big Ten individual titles and over 175 All-American honors. Dating back to 1992, Winckler has had an athlete compete in every World Championship and Olympic Games.

Dr. Brad DeWeese is currently serving the United States Olympic Committee as the Head Sport Physiologist at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York. In this capacity, he is responsible for overseeing the physical preparation of athletes readying themselves for international competition. Over his career, Brad has coached Olympians, World Champions, Olympic Trials Qualifiers, National Champions, All-Americans, and NCAA Championship performers in a variety of sports, including bobsled, skeleton, canoe/ kayak, and track and field. In addition to these sports, he has also worked with athletes from the sports of biathlon, freestyle ski, luge, and karate. In addition to his coaching duties, Brad oversees the athlete-monitoring program and sport science department, which utilizes state of the art technology to determine competitive readiness, individual athlete responses to training, and overtraining prevention. Through this work, he has been able to refine existing thoughts on periodization strategies, speed development practices, weightlifting biomechanics, and talent identification strategies.

Dr. Peter Weyand is widely recognized as one of the world's leading scholars on the scientific basis of human performance. His widely read research on the mechanical basis of sprint exercise performance and related performance issues continues to advance scientific understanding and shape contemporary training practices. Dr. Weyand's scholarly expertise draws on the largely distinct fields of human exercise physiology and comparative vertebrate biomechanics. His research integrates performance, biomechanics, and metabolic power at the whole-body level. His study subjects through the years have ranged from antelope, sled dogs, flightless birds, and rodents to Olympic sprinters and hurdlers.

Join these legends of speed for two knowledge filled motivating day and let them help you become a better coach or athlete.

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